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Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions we receive. If you find that your question is not answered here, please e-mail us at

Is the kit difficult to install? Installing your StarWreath kit, or bow, is simple, requires no tools and takes only a few minutes. Easy to follow directions are included with each kit. To preview directions, just click on the desired link (Bow Instructions or Kit Instructions).

Where can I buy StarWreath products? Currently StarWreath kits, and bows, are available exclusively through this web site and directly from us on ebay. To keep shopping easy and secure our site uses PayPal for all payment processing.  As with most on-line shopping these days PayPal or ebay accounts are not necessary as “Guest” options exist.

Do StarWreaths make good gifts? Giving a classic StarWreath kit, or bow, to your favorite Mercedes-Benz owner is a great way to spread holiday cheer. Please check first to verify the vehicle you intend to purchase a StarWreath for does indeed have the necessary, standard three inch in diameter, Mercedes-Benz hood ornament.  StarWreaths are not compatible with Mercedes-Benz emblems integrated into the front grill.

Is my StarWreath weatherproof? All materials were carefully chosen for their durability and resistance to weather and the elements. StarWreath bows and wreath kits are designed for temporary use during the regular holiday season and continued or permanent use is not recommended.

Do I need to remove my StarWreath bow or craft wire before washing the car? Regular hand washing should not harm your StarWreath kit. Scrub brushes and harsh detergents, often used at car washes, must be avoided as they may damage or shorten the life span of your StarWreath. We recommend temporarily removing at least the bow before washing your vehicle.

Where are StarWreaths made? StarWreath kits are crafted in the USA from international and primarily domestic components. Design, bow manufacturing, final assembly, finishing, printing, inspecting and packaging are all done in America. This ensures a quality custom accessory created exclusively for your Mercedes-Benz.

How long does it take to receive my new StarWreath? Orders are typically shipped via USPS First-class mail as soon as payment is received and confirmed. Depending on destination and speed of the US Postal Service receiving your StarWreath should take less than four business days, although postal delays near the holidays are not unusual.


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