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Kit Installation Instructions


Installing your StarWreath kit is simple, requires no tools and takes only a few minutes. Below are some easy to follow instructions and tips for installing your new StarWreath kit.

Classic Silver StarWreath kit for Mercedes in packaging

Remove holiday bow and decorative StarWreath wire from packaging. Straighten wire so it’s more easily handled while installing. Starting at the bottom of your hood star, wrap the decorative wire around outer circle evenly, approximately ten times between each star point (five between the base and the lower points). Use all of the wire.

Secure bow by placing it at the bottom of the hood star and twisting wires firmly around the vertical support. Check that the bow is straight and decorative wire is evenly applied. Make sure all wire ends are tucked neatly behind the bow where they are less visible.

To remove, first untwist gold wires and take off bow. Then unwrap decorative wire from around hood star. StarWreaths are designed for temporary use during the regular holiday season and continued or permanent use is not recommended.

CAUTION: Choking hazard. Keep away from children. Kit may contain small or sharp parts.

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