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Our Story


Living Los Angeles Mike spent many hours driving, and stuck in traffic, staring at the Mercedes-Benz hood ornament star on his ‘84 500 SEL.  With so many hours accumulated on the road during the holidays, it didn't take long for a little creativity to spark the process of converting his ordinary Mercedes star into a holiday spirited ornament.  With limited access to suitable parts and materials the first bows were from regular gift-wrap stores with wreath material creatively scavenged from artificial mini Christmas tree branches.  The very first prototype StarWreaths were not very weatherproof, durable or stylish really.  If these were to be sold, numerous improvements were going to be necessary...

A few years later, new wreath materials were finally able to be sourced and durable bows were produced specifically for StarWreaths.  This combination of ideal wreath materials and new custom bows allowed for a high quality StarWreath product to brought to market.  The first free sample to the local Mercedes-Benz dealer in Valencia California was well received and quickly inspired orders, by the case.  We still appreciate the early adopters and truly enjoy growing StarWreaths into a seasonal tradition with new Mercedes-Benz owners around the world.

Over ten years have passed since the first genuine StarWreaths took to the roads on Mercedes-Benz cars.  Mike and his Team remain passionate about delivering premium seasonal accessories for the world's finest automobiles.  Seeing a StarWreath equipped Mercedes-Benz cruise by during the holidays puts smiles on so many faces, including Mike's.

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